THE SPAWN OF SATAN - Complete Collection (DOUBLE CD)

  • THE SPAWN OF SATAN - Complete Collection (DOUBLE CD)

Spawn was a satanic envisionment of Jim Satanic since the year 1989. His efforts were to assemble a demonic death-thrash outfit with a couple of guys from a local crossover band. Together they wrote and haphazardly recorded some material. But as time passed, their ties grew weak as members went off to school and moved away. Chasing this dream for years Jim fled to Kent, Ohio and began writing and rehearsing again in late 1993. In Kent he met Wayne Richards,
an enthusiastic aspiring metal guitarist that would later be in SOULLESS had become the force behind the music for Spawn. SOULLESS drummer Chris Dora (among many other Cleveland bands) was also involved in writing and the collaboration gave birth to the first 5 songs Spawn would ever release as a split with BLOODSICK on Hells Headbangers 2002.
The older material took a seat in the back of the bus, so to speak. Around 1995 was when the name was changed from Spawn to Spawn of Satan because of all the other bands that have used the name. It was after a NunSlaughter rehearsal years later at The Devil's Den when the satanic influences of Spawn became another unholy possession. Jim and Reaper wrote 2 songs that resurrected one of the original ideas from the years in which Alazomass was involved. It became a requirement to include Alazomass on lead guitar to complete the envisionment as it was when it was originally written in the late 80s. This would be the second release for SOS as a split 7" with EVIL ANGEL in 2008.
The seduction of the succubus was in it's complete form and Jim was determined to complete what SOS had started. Reaper was recruited to play bass on 5 songs which featured Chris Dora and Wayne Richards recorded around the time the Bloodsick material was recorded. As a result the was another offering, a split 7" with Sathanas in 2012 with 1 song from both bands, Ritual Murder would be the only song from this session to be released in the untimely end of Spawn's mastermind
Jim Satanic.
Something wicked this way comes in the form of a foul spirit which embodies the remaining unreleased 4 songs. Commending the efforts of Noah Buchannon and Tom Shaffner who have finished the Mixing sessions that had been started with Jim listening in, these tracks complete the studio recordings that exist for The Spawn of Satan. Accompanied with the original cover art direction Jim had in store from his love for the most satanic things. This collection is a METALLIC emblem to all those who will horde it's chaos.
released December 3, 2021